Optimize Your Business

Thursday, April 27, 2023, 8:00 PM
By BizBonobos: the Business with Benefits Network • kiki@propertydominator.com


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Colorado Home & Design
1015 CO-224
Denver, Colorado 80229

Phone: 720-226-2435

Join us as we network and learn how to go from vision to reality! Robb Soucek, a commercial insurance agent in Monument, will share his system to optimize your business. Using a methodical approach that starts with a vision, Robb will share tools to create goals, prioritize what is most important, and create habits to reach your goals. This system is simple, but not easy! A self-proclaimed nerd, jock, empath, and extreme extrovert, Robb is passionate about helping others. Like many of us, his path has never been straight; life’s twists and turns have opened him to all possibilities, and he hopes some of his experiences can be helpful to others.

*** Be on time and get entered into a kinky toy raffle! ***


KinkedIn: The Business with Benefits Network was created to facilitate professional connections within our sex positive and alternative lifestyle communities: kink, lifestyle/swinger, poly/open/ENM, fetish, BDSM, SWers, Shibari rope, LGBTQIA+, creatives, goths, burners, burlesque performers, entertainers, etc. We support each other’s businesses with the same enthusiasm and dedication as when we are fulfilling each other’s wildest sexual fantasies.


We meet twice a month on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays. In addition to guest speakers who teach relevant business topics, we make connections, build relationships, discuss business challenges, provide ideas and feedback to each other, source small business resources, and share referrals!


We care deeply about people's livelihoods and their families. We want to support each other's businesses, but we never want to "out" anyone or do anything else that would have negative impacts on any of our businesses. "Outing" is the nonconsensual disclosure of a person’s involvement in kink, ethical non-monogamy, or other alt-sex behaviors. Referrals and business are shared, but information about a person's involvement in any alternative lifestyles is not shared without explicit consent. Outing people will result in an immediate ban and reporting the ban to other lifestyle admins/group owners.

We will meet at Colorado Home & Design, 1015 CO-224, Denver CO 80229. Look for the balloons. Google maps takes you right there. It is a giant green building with black trim.

We will have snacks available and Mystic Mountain Distillery provides adult beverages.

$10 early bird, $20 last minute


$20/mo or $199/year KinkedIn Membership includes all meetings + MORE

Note: Your KinkedIn annual membership not only includes admission to the KinkedIn Global Business with Benefits Conference at the Sin City takeover in Vegas, Oct 4-8, but KinkedIn members also get a promo code for 10% off Sin City!!

From now until April 1, you can book your Sin City pass for only $200 down. Get your Sin City pass and details here: https://portal.naughtysincity.com/events/47563?promoter_id=509196

Cross-posted, so RSVPs are not accurate indicator of attendance.
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